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QuickBooks Data File Repair

QuickBooks Data Corruption

There are several signs that your QuickBooks has suffered data corruption. Here are the most visible signs that your QuickBooks has been corrupted and needs repair of the QuickBooks data file:

  • QuickBooks users start from the company file
  • QuickBooks closes or closes without reason
  • Unable to open QuickBooks business file
  • Important information is missing from your business file
  • Balance sheets are unbalanced and contain incorrect information
  • Transactions cannot be recorded or are missing from your records
  • Foreign symbols replace names or numbers
  • Company file is late

To avoid corruption, the possible causes of QuickBooks data corruption are as follows:

  • QuickBooks data file is too large
  • Server or Workstation Server Hardware Does Not Meet System Requirements for QuickBooks
  • Network environment does not meet QuickBooks requirements
  • QuickBooks receiving an improper or sudden stop
  • A virus attacking the hard drive of your QuickBooks database
  • Running the QuickBooks Reconstruct Tool from a QuickBooks Client Location
  • Access to the QuickBooks data file via the wireless connection
  • Third-party import utility
  • The environment should be examined to prevent the QuickBooks data file from further damage.

QuickBooks Data File Repair Bundle Package:

When you contact us for a QuickBooks data file repair, we carefully review your QuickBooks business data file. With this review, we will perform and analyze several aspects of your QuickBooks data file to make sure it is completely healthy again.

  • Data file analysis: We will analyze your data file and see where the data corruption has occurred. Some data corruption can be repaired manually without going through the entire repair process. Other data corruption will have to go through a more intensive repair process.
  • Review of data file repair and environment: a high percentage of data corruption is caused by improper configuration of the network environment. Our goal is to review and troubleshoot the configuration of your network environment before the data repair process. This step is to ensure that data corruption does not incur data that has already been repaired.
  • New implementation of the corporate file: if the corrupted data file cannot be repaired and the size of the data file is too large, there is no choice but to create a new corporate file QuickBooks. We will assist and start a new QuickBooks business file with the following options:
    • Restructure the chart of accounts (if desired)
    • Clean up supplier, customer and item inventory lists
    • Transfer inventory lists of desired suppliers, customers, and items to the new QuickBooks enterprise file.
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