How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6129 0

How To Fix QuickBooks error 6129 0?

Get the easy steps How To Fix QuickBooks error 6129 0:

QuickBooks error 6129 occurs when the database connection check fails or QuickBooks was trying to access company files. The error message will appear as “Failed to verify the connection to the database”. As a result, you are Unable to open company records. If you are already on the network; however, the error continues to occur, most likely “network problem” somewhere it cannot locate the computer/server that has the file.

To fix the QuickBooks error code 6129, it is imminent to know the causes that led to this problem. We will begin with the causes, then move on to the solutions.

Reasons of QuickBooks Error 6129 0:



  • Computers running in multi-user mode have not been updated to the latest version.
  • There is an incompatibility between the client domain and the server.
  • Corrupt / damaged network data file (.ND).
  • The company file has been upgraded to the latest version of QuickBooks with a non-Windows administrator profile.
  • A third-party antivirus is causing the QuickBooks error 6129 0.

Now we know the possible reasons, so let’s see onto the solutions.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6129 0:

  • If you are creating a new business folder.

In this scenario, choose “exit” in the interview window of the easy step. After that you will get a prompt to save the file and select YES here. Choose another file name and choose “Save”.

  • If you open or upgrade the corporate file.

You can open a sample company file to check if the problem is related to a specific file only. If you see a QB error 6129 this problem affects all files, then apply solution 2.

Method 1: Rename ‘. ND File

Error 2

  • First, open the folder containing the QB corporate file and locate the .ND file to be opened and the users need an ND file that matches the company file. For example: Company file name .qbw.nd.
  • Right click on le .ND file
  • Select “Rename”
  • Add ‘.OLD’ and choose in Example- company file name .qbw.nd.OLD
  • If the enterprise file is used on many computers, users will configure the QB database server manager. However, if QuickBooks is only installed on one computer, open it, you can open the company file.

Method 2: Copy Company File to Another Location:

Error 3

Once a new folder has been created, navigate to the folder where the corporate file is stored. Copy the QuickBooks error now Code 6129 (.QBW).

Copy of .QBW is important

The QBW file must be pasted into the created folder.

If QuickBooks is used on many computers, configure folder permissions. Then add the new folder in

QuickBooks database server manager.

How to Setup Folder permissions?

Users can right-click the folder containing the company file and select Properties. Select “Advanced in the security tab”.

Choose QBDataServiceUserXX and choose Edit. Make sure these settings are in the allowed mode:

  1. Transversal file / execution file
  2. List of files/reading of data
  3. Read the attributes
  4. Read extended attributes
  5. Generate files/write data
  6. Create folders/add data
  7. Write the attributes
  8. Write extended attributes
  9. Read permissions

Steps to change “permissions are not configured correctly”.

  • Right-click on the folder containing “the company”
  • Choose Properties, then select ‘’
  • Press “Modify”
  • Choose ‘QBDataserviceUserXX’ then choose ‘Full’
  • Tap Allow
  • Then choose ‘’
  • Press OK.

Change folder permissions

  • First, press Windows + E
  • Now open File Explorer
  • Go to the folder and select Properties
  • Perform these steps for all the folders on the list. Note: “Apply to all files” applies in accordance with QuickBooks version.
  • Select “Everyone” in the Security tab. However, if not everyone is in the “Group” or “Username area”, users can add and then type “everyone”.
  • Press OK
  • Then choose “Full Control” and press “Apply”.
  • Press OK
  • However, if QuickBooks is used on a single computer, you can open the company file.

Method 3: Restart Computer in the Safe Mode:

Error 4

If you restart the computer in safe mode, this will stop the third-party application to restrict the execution of QuickBooks. You can also try temporarily disabling third-party antivirus and security programs.

Method 4: Ensure ‘All computers’ in the same domain:

Error 5

If you are using a domain, contact who set up the network.

Hope that you know how to fix QuickBooks error 6129 0 is fully resolved and that you work smoothly on your QuickBooks. If the problem is persistent and did not go out even after trying all of the above solutions, you can call a QuickBooks ProAdvisor support phone number to resolve the issue.

Thank you for reading our blog. You now know how to fix QuickBooks error 6129 0. If, by any chance, none of the solutions worked, and you need assistance and support, contact a technical expert at the QuickBooks Error technical support number contact form.


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